IIT Delhi M.Tech CS Interview Experience

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The interview at IIT Delhi went fine and after the interview, I was quite sure that i will be selected. The interview was comparatively easy compared to Kanpur. The professors were very supportive during the interview and gave me lot of chances even if i did not answer correctly in the first attempt.

Giving a good performance in Interview is important as i have seen in Kanpur and Delhi, many people in the range of ranks 200-400 getting selected than 100-200.

Here also your answer to the question of favorite subject determines the range of questions. Some of the sample questions asked during the interview were

1. write algo to transpose a matrix
2. why dont we divide array in 5 parts for merge sort
3. which is better merge sort or heap sort
4. theres a frog who could climb either 1 stair or 3 stairs in one shot. In how many ways he could reach at 100th stair.

1) If we are give a sorted array and we have to find two elements which sum to a number x
2) A man is standing in front of an infinite wall with a hole on any side? How do u find the hole in shortest distance
3) Which is greater root(n) or 2^root(logn)
1. Have you heard of ethernet?” I said “Yes!”. Then I was asked “Can we lay an ethernet LAN between Delhi and Bangalore?
2.  What is digital signature? How does it work?
3.  What is pipelining? Whats the need? Whats the funda behind it? Does it make the processor faster?
Courtesy : Harish Iyer
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